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Oct 29, 2012 4:00pm EDT
11 feet, the water level should be somewhere right about here on this marble. with irene, it was about a foot, two feet shorter than this. that's one of the things we'll be watching with the subway system. if the saltwater gets in, there's corrosion, it's a mess. that would be a multi-million dollar disaster. the last time that happened was with dawn. well up the eeriest sound, the wind whipping 20, 30 miles an hour higher than what we're dealing with down here at the surface, there are two cranes attached up there. they've been shaking all day. but it's just a fascinating storm. it's 58 degrees in new york city. yet there's a storm surge coming up, the highest we've ever seen in new york city's recorded history. just an amazing storm, guys. i'm going to go on record, i won't admit it to him, you can tell doug kammerer he did pretty well on this one. >> all right. we'll tell him you said that. bill, i want to ask you this, here in the washington area, most of the local officials told the folks to stay indoors to shelter in place, stay off the streets. and everywhere we go, we see
Oct 30, 2012 4:00pm EDT
major impact on our area. so some call were made to pepco, bge. for irene, i'll step out of the way. you can see irene, over 600,000 without power. of course, a lot of folks remember that. that was just a year ago with the derecho during one of our hottest times of the year and temperature over 100 degrees, we had a million people without power. that was the system that came in fast. and without of course, a lot of preparation. sandy, over 450,000 without power. so less of an impact in terms of power outages but a the downed trees throughout the area that had to be dealt with. such a large storm system that's having impact on the rest of the country. one that we will truly remember for quite a long time. 43 degrees is our current temperature with the south win at ten miles per hour. we're still feeling that moisture in the air. so as temperatures drop overnight, it will be a chilly start to the day tomorrow. in the 30s. 35, frederick. 38 in la plata. we'll have a lot more on sandy's aftermath coming up in a couple minutes. >> thanks. >>> the next big project when it comes to sandy i
Oct 26, 2012 4:00pm EDT
washington state. >> reporter: memories of hurricane irene last year that left billions in damage have people determined not to get caught offguard. in addition to virginia and maryland, new york has now declared a state of emergency in anticipation of this storm. people are being told to prepare for the worst. five to seven days without power and the loss of fresh water. reporting live in chesapeake beach, maryland, danielle lee, news4. >>> utility companies across the region are rounding up extra repair crews, some as far away as texas, to make sure power outages are dealt with quickly. keith russell has a look at how pepco is gearing up for sandy's arrival. >> we're getting ready. pepco says you will see a difference in the way they handle this storm as opposed to their previous performances. today in forrestville, maryland, pepco workers are testing out that equipment. the utility has already put out a request for a total of over 3,000 additional workers. almost three times their current number. while they're still trying to secure commitments, pepco's own workers have been told to
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3